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About Us

CaribbeanTrading Company
Calle Principal #4
Palmer, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico 00721
787-888-2762 or 800-576-1770
Fax: 787-888-1664
Email: info@caribbeantrading.com

Caribbean Trading Company was founded in 1998 in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. In the words of founder/owner Tim Collins:

Let me tell you a story. It's about a normal everyday guy who decided to do what so many people only dream about. I moved to the Caribbean. Now that I live and work here, and travel throughout the islands, I have the joy of sharing this lifestyle and its flavors with you.

If you had to choose between islands where you'd want to live, it wouldn't be easy. I decided to hang my hat in Puerto Rico. It's enchanting - beautiful, geographically diverse, rich with history, culture, and the warmth and friendliness of the Puerto Rican people.

I founded Caribbean Trading Company and recruited a great crew that brings you the best specialty products from the Caribbean and beyond.

Tim Collins (Captain Tim, Ruler of the High Seas, Finder of the Goodies)

Areas of Operation

Retail Stores

When you come to Puerto Rico, visit our company store in Palmer right at the base of the Caribbean National Forest, El Yunque, located in the rugged Sierra de Luquillo, 40 km southeast of San Juan (latitude 18° 19' N, longitude 65° 45' W).

Or perhaps it may be easier sailing to our store on Palomino Island, the private Island of the Waldorf Astoria Collection El Conquistador resort. (latitude 18° 45' N, longitude 65° 83' W)

Group Sales

Our dedication to Group Services began in 1998, and in the last 13 years we have served hundreds of groups. We partner with all of the major resorts and DMC's on the island of Puerto Rico, and also operate group programs throughout the Caribbean region. We work with local artisans and suppliers in each destination to provide authentic local gifts.

We are also a promotional products supplier and can offer a full range of logo's and personalized gift items - from bags and towels to lanyards and key chains.

We are members of the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau (PRCB) and Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).

Our large Warehouse and Inventory space allows us to fill orders of any quantity. Offering such amenities as a Walk-in Cooler and Significant Storage Space, it allows us to address all the varied needs of our important corporate clients.

Our offices are located on the 2nd floor and is "brain center" of our operation. Swing by any time and we'll be happy to meet with you in our boardroom, show off our exciting gift items, and share a cup of coffee!

Bringing a group to Puerto Rico or the Caribbean? Let us know what Caribbean Trading Company can do for you. Contact us

Wholesale Gourmet

Everything is really hot and really real - no MSG or insincerity in the Caribbean Trading Co. kitchen! Get hot and spicy in a natural way. Here in the Caribbean, heat is a thing we know and love, all year round. Fruits and vegetables are always in season, our tables are swimming in fresh zesty flavors, and so are our crushed pepper sauces, full of chunks of fruit and veggies. Pepper raises the all-around temperature in this part of the world, so pepper lovers can live out their fiery dreams with our spice and pepper sauce products.

Shop Online

We deliver the Caribbean to your doorstep! Our online shop is stocked full of Caribbean goodies and we are constantly adding more. We try to ship all orders within 48 hours of receiving them and we work diligently to control back-orders and out-of-stocks.

Meet the Crew

Large ships need a skilled and varied crew to complete a successful voyage! Meet the crew of Caribbean Trading Company...

Tim Collins, Captain and President:

The captain is responsible for fitting out his ship for sea and has 'to use his best endeavors to get the ship manned'. At sea he is responsible for the ship and for all on board. The powers of the captain are great and his crew will follow wherever he leads.

Lucy Collins, Creative Director and First Mate:

The First Mate is the officer who ranks just below the Captain of the ship and takes over in the event that the Captain can no longer perform his duties.

With years of creative experience, Luz drives the creative juices of the company to greater and daring heights. Always on the lookout for new looks and design trends, she effortlessly combines these elements to create elegant tropical designs full of whimsy and fun.

Meghann Hawes, General Manager and Pilot :

Typically the pilot works with the navigator and captain to pilot the ship over the water. The pilot needed to know such aspects as the ship's draught (how deep she sat in the water) how wide the ship was and how sharply she could turn. In shallow waters, the crew would take soundings (checking the depth of the water) and it would be up to the pilot to either steer the ship or sometimes stand at the bow and relay orders back to the man at the helm which way to steer the ship.

As General Manager, Meghann works in partnership with the clients and the crew to determine the direction of the crew and ship, making sure that elements are available to provide for a terrific experience and sounding out new items and ideas!

Stephanie Figueroa, Operations Manager and Quarter Master:

The Quartermaster, depending on the circumstances and the ship, was charged with the duty of distribution, be it rations, powder, work, prize, or punishment.

As Director of Operations, Stephanie oversees a wide range of activities including purchasing, inventory, and hiring. She is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing staffing roles and responsibilities, administrative functions and ensuring that the amenities ordered moves from vision to creation.

Victor Vidal, Accounting and Boatswain (Bosun):

The Bosun was in charge of a ship's anchors, cordage, colors, deck crew and the ship's boats, and would also be in charge of the rigging while the ship was in dock.

In charge of Accounting, Lisa works to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are in place and accounted for so that the crew and ship can embark on their next voyage!

Karla Medina, Corporate Sales and Master:

Master was used to describe a leader of certain section. Thus the master gunner is the person in charge of the guns (artillery, now pistols), the Master Rigger would be in charge of fixing the ships rigging, a Master carpenter, would be the top carpenter. Under these "masters" would be a series of mates.

Involved in our Corporate Sales, Karla works with the clients, overseeing their gifting programs, ensuring that all necessary items are available, of good quality, and produced in an efficient and ship shape manner!

Bernard and Patrick Collins, Cabin Boys

The cabin boys were typically young boys sent to sea. As an apprentice of sorts, they were expected to learn all aspects of the maritime trade.

As sons to the captain and first mate, these cabin boys are still too young to be official apprentices, but they are consulted on various matters. particularly taste testing new snacks for our baskets and recommending new children's items for our Retail locations!

The Crew at Work:

The crew at work. On course to preparing special gifts just for you and your important guests!